Health Care

I'm a cancer survivor. I know firsthand that healthcare is too expensive, and I know firsthand that Arkansans simply cannot afford their prescription drugs. The Arkansas Works Medicaid Expansion is one of the most successful public policies in the history of our state, and I am committed to protecting and expanding it. I'm also committed to undoing the illegal and unfair work reporting requirement - we should be making it easier, not harder, for sick Arkansans to see a doctor.

No child should have to wait until they get to an emergency room to see a doctor - but that's the reality for too many Arkansans as rural health clinics close and medical experts leave the state. I am committed to making sure every Arkansan has access to affordable, excellent care. I am also committed to expanding access to pre-natal and reproductive health care, and to making sure that every senior care facility in our state is safe, clean, and professional.

We don't talk enough about mental health care in our state, and we don't talk enough about veterans' health care. I am committed to working in the legislature to ensure that every Arkansan has access to critical mental health care, and I am committed to ensuring that no veteran who has sacrificed for us is allowed to fall through the cracks. Let's get help to the people who need it, and let's honor those who have served us by getting them the care they need.

Public Schools

Every child in Arkansas deserves access to an excellent public school. It's time to make serious investments in universal public pre-K in Arkansas - we used to lead the nation in pre-K, but have stopped investing in it.


And it's time to make sure that every teacher in Arkansas is paid a nationally competitive wage. Our students deserve a nationally competitive education, and we simply cannot provide that for them when their teachers are having to work one or two additional jobs just to pay rent and buy groceries. No teacher should have to pay out of pocket for school supplies for their students, and I'm committed to robustly funding teachers' efforts to make their classroom a place where children can thrive.

Investing in our public schools is the very best way to ensure that every child in Arkansas has the opportunity to get ahead. In order to leave our children an Arkansas that's better than the one that was left to us, we must make our kids' education a greater priority.

Women & Mothers

In Arkansas, we believe in family, and we believe in fairness. We know that the burden of poverty falls disproportionately onto the shoulders of women in our state. We know there's a pay gap in the workplace, and we know that maternal and infant mortality are public health crises in every community in Arkansas.

I want my daughter to grow up in an Arkansas that's safer and more fair. She's bright, but the statistics tell a story about a deck that's stacked against her. I strongly believe that if certain barriers were removed in our state, my daughter is capable of accomplishing anything she puts her mind to.


I want her to have access to every level of the economy, and I want her labor to be worth the same as the labor of her male peers. In the future, I want Arkansas to be a place where my daughter will have access to life-saving reproductive healthcare. And I want my daughter to be protected by strong laws that protect her from domestic violence.

Our state's leaders must do better by women in Arkansas, and I plan to be part of the solution.

Economic Opportunity & Infrastructure

Here in NWA, we are lucky to be in the backyard of some of the largest corporations in the world. That means that our area's economic opportunities are off the charts. But, vast stretches of our state have no jobs and no opportunity, and even as fortunate as we are in District 88, too many families don't make enough at their full-time job to pay their mortgage, their health care bills, and their child's college tuition.

We have to invest in our region to incentivize growth. Investments in the arts and cultural destinations will make NWA a destination for our country's (and the world's) top talent. We have to invest in higher education and in trade schools, with the understanding that a strong economy is a diverse economy. We need more craftsmen and engineers, and we need more artists and electricians and plumbers, and we need more writers and teachers. If our children are to compete in this economy, they need affordable education options.

In the state legislature, I will partner business leaders from across the state to ensure that District 88 doesn't get left behind. Let's invest in our roads and in public wifi so that access isn't an issue for anybody - and let's make District 88 a destination for new jobs and innovation. 

Gun Safety & Public Health

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I'm an advocate for common sense gun safety legislation. I don't want to take anybody's guns away, but I think we can all agree that violent criminals shouldn't have access to firearms. Every new gun purchase should be run through a criminal background check. I am committed to ensuring that those convicted of domestic violence don't have easy access to guns, and I am committed to ensuring that those deemed to be a threat to themselves or others don't have easy access to guns.

Like most Arkansans, I believe that every law-abiding Arkansan should have access to a handgun for self-defense, and I believe that game hunting and rifle shooting for sport are important to protect. Nobody should violate Arkansans' rights to protect their property or family. But there also shouldn't be guns in our children's classrooms, and you have my word that I will work hard with my colleagues to undo the new Arkansas law that placed guns in public college classrooms and dorms. No stakeholder wanted that new law, and it doesn't make any common sense.

Most Arkansans are in the middle, and they support reasonable gun policy. Let's build an Arkansas that's safer for our kids, and let's cut out the partisan extremism coming from either side.

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